Jan & Lou Andino

panamafolkdress.com - a web address you want to remember if you have ever wanted to dress in a pollera.  Our granddaughter has always had a dream of owning a pollera, so we arranged for the next best thing - a photo shoot in full regalia.  The folk at panamafolkdress are efficient, accomodating, extremely professional, and deliver memories that cannot be duplicated. What an experience for a 13 year old or any former resident of Panama and the Old Canal Zone!

Jan & Lou Andino - Jacksonville, FL

Lisa Ortiz-Mercado

Hi Orisleyla,


I wanted to take a quick moment to send a note of thanks and appreciation to the team at Panamafolkdress.com.


I was in need of a Pollera and Tembleques for my daughter's pageant at her university. You and the team made the entire process seamless. You answered all of our questions and kept us abreast of the progress along the way. Most importantly you delivered a beautiful Pollera and Tembleques in a timely manner.


I highly recommend your company to anyone looking for a Pollera and any related accessories! Oh, and by the way...she won the pageant. Representing Panama she won the Ms. Caribbean Queen 2013!


Thank again for all of your help!

Lisa Ortiz-Mercado - New York

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The Team

Orisleyla Managing Director Artisan dedicated to provide guidance and inspiration to the team.

 Jose AngelWebmaster/Photographer In charge of the "techy" stuff and the photograph service producer.

HillaryCustomer Service Our voice, text and social manager!.

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Hi Orisleyla, I received my order today and LOVE IT! Thank you for your patience with me and thank you for my...

Linda LaChapelle

Rupert 7 days ago Sharing a Story One more proud Panamenian how was in desparate need on a pollera for a...

Rupert Beckford

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