Jan & Lou Andino

panamafolkdress.com - a web address you want to remember if you have ever wanted to dress in a pollera.  Our granddaughter has always had a dream of owning a pollera, so we arranged for the next best thing - a photo shoot in full regalia.  The folk at panamafolkdress are efficient, accomodating, extremely professional, and deliver memories that cannot be duplicated. What an experience for a 13 year old or any former resident of Panama and the Old Canal Zone!

Jan & Lou Andino - Jacksonville, FL

Photograph Service


The Team

Orisleyla Managing Director Artisan dedicated to provide guidance and inspiration to the team.

 Jose AngelWebmaster/Photographer In charge of the "techy" stuff and the photograph service producer.

HillaryCustomer Service Our voice, text and social manager!.

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Hi Orisleyla, I received my order today and LOVE IT! Thank you for your patience with me and thank you for my...

Linda LaChapelle

Rupert 7 days ago Sharing a Story One more proud Panamenian how was in desparate need on a pollera for a...

Rupert Beckford

After years of trying to procure my very own pollera, something that is treasured by us Panamanian women and handed...