After years of trying to procure my very own pollera, something that is treasured by us Panamanian women and handed down generations, I started to lose hope.  The customer service elsewhere was lacking or the prices were way too costly.  I happened upon and could not believe my good fortune.  I emailed on Sunday my time, and on Monday morning I had a prompt response from Mrs. Orisleyla Delgado.  She was so patient with me and so kind.  Any question I had, she answered promptly.  

What's more, she really loves and believes in what she does.  She truly believes in upholding our culture.  That was important to me because it was not about a dollar to her. I commissioned two polleras.  She was able to have my very first pollera ready by the time I reached Panama in mid-October for a visit.  I contacted her in August!  Orisleyla and her husband came to the hotel, even though her back was hurting, and they gave me a hug as if I'd known them for years.  They made me feel so comfortable.  

Normally, I am very shy around strangers, but with her, my guard was down instantly.  She would ask after my children and my husband, and even my mother and grandfather.  She is such a warm and outgoing person and so professional.  Her husband as well!  She helped me figure out what jewelry to wear, when to wear it, what shoes, what other accessories, told me where to find them (and where NOT to find them), and helped me try on my pollera.  I felt as excited and glowing as I did on my wedding day.  

I never imagined I'd be able to replicate that feeling.  I wore it for the Panamanian Independence Day celebrations here in Tacoma and my pollera was the talk of the event!  People asked me who made it and told me I simply had to join the dance group to show it off.  My husband said I was glowing.  I felt like a queen.  

Orisleyla and made my dream come true.  What's even more special, is thanks to her, I am able to pass down a piece of our culture to my daughter.  I consider Orisleyla to be like family and stay in contact with her just to say hello.  She is that awesome!  Never rude.  Always graceful.  Always kind.  I cannot thank enough for making me feel so special.  I can't wait until I get my next one! :)

Tiffany - Tacoma, WA

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Orisleyla Managing Director Artisan dedicated to provide guidance and inspiration to the team.

 Jose AngelWebmaster/Photographer In charge of the "techy" stuff and the photograph service producer.

HillaryCustomer Service Our voice, text and social manager!.

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After years of trying to procure my very own pollera, something that is treasured by us Panamanian women and handed...