Panamanian Polleras

Head Jewelry

The oval and straight cut-off large size combs:

In a survey in the area of Las Tablas, we investigated that most of the “empolleradas” of these regions, frequently used the oval comb, large size in tortoiseshell and gold, the straight cut (comb with a curve shape similar to a roof tile) adorned with beads, glitters or without them.
The use of oval section combs was not widespread. The heads were adorned with two or three pairs of combs, the shiny or brightest with pearls, balconies shapes or the ones wearing corals. Two pairs were placed on each side of the head, another pair in the space left by them in the back. The use of the oval comb was extended across all the Azuero Peninsula, when the road linking the central provinces to Panama City was built during the administration of Dr. Belisario Porras and became the complement of the empolleradas.

Comb. (Peinetas)

In Los Santos region, the combs with “Steal hearts” were not used much; those in the coffers are acquired recently. Generally, the combs are straight cut and without steal hearts. In our view, the spiral of gold of the combs with “Steal hearts” does not fit in addition to the ornaments worn by the empolleradas. These spirals combs are used in “Ocu” and its countryside. The patches or thoughts are more popular in other provinces.

Patches or Golden Thoughts:
They consist of two small gold square slats that have in the center a natural or cultured pearl. Originally it was used to hide the “caraña” and relieve headaches caused by the weight of the headdress. Currently, they are only worn as ornaments to attend certain festivals. Earrings for Pollera:
There are a variety of earrings that can be used with the Pollera. The most popular are the tendrils, the mosqueta, sleepy, tangos and gold rings.

a) The tendrils(Zarcillos): Tendrils are composed of three detachable parts: a small gold rosette with precious stones, a bow or a couple of leaves of gold and a piece like the first but larger. At the end of it, a series of shinny inserts called “bright” are linked together and they are constantly moving.

Tendrils can be adorned with colored stones in different shapes and sizes, the most common are: rubies, emeralds, topaz and jet black.
Tendrils with black stones are used when the person is in mourning. The others are more suitable to wear with the skirt and match the color you choose for the gratings and streamers.

There are tendrils in the “sleepy shape”, formed with two coins adorned with filigree edges and tomatillos, the first piece that holds the coin is fixed to the ear clip, and the other is suspended Pollera Head Jewelrywith a crescent of bright twinkling slats.
b) Mosqueta (bee catcher): There are mosquetas worked in tomatillos with filigree and adorned with legitimate pearls. The mosqueta is named that way because it resembles the bees that crawl the flowers. The mosqueta is often seasoned with an oval pendant trimmed with gold, pearl shell and tomatillos.
c) Dormilonas (the sleepers): These earrings consist of a small coin with machined edges and a crescent moon holding a row of shiny inserts. They come in other shapes and decorations as well.
d) The Tangos and gold rings: They are worked with pearls or coral. The gold bearing bonds with tears are more popular in the region of Los Santos.
Earrings designs for the Pollera are reminiscent of those worn by women in Mexico, Central and South America. There are a variety of Panamanian models; some are traditional and other creations of popular goldsmiths.

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