Panamanian Polleras

Pollera Coquito

The Coquito Pollera

This Luxury Pollera derives its name from the fabric used for its confection which is Coco Holan; the flowers that have been woven into the fabric are of different colors like red, green, black, etc... In some cases you can get fabrics that have three flowers of bright colors together, but it's a very uncommon seen variation.

This Pollera headdress is decorated in the same way as the White Pollera with fine” tembleques” usually white, but you can also add Colored tembleques that are known as “Pimpollos”. The jewelry for this Pollera is unlimited and can be used with all the items that you can get but avoiding saturation so they can be appreciated.  In the head the combs that are used are the "Balcony", the "Thoughts" and the "Large-comb" at the back, you can also add a leaf shape ornament called "La Pajuela", the earrings can be “tendrils" and in the neck you can use the "Tapahueso" or a fine "Golden Necklace" in its replacement. The chains you put on the chest are made of gold and are usually seven of them, including but not limited to the Chata, Witch, Sling, Rosario, Solomon, Guachapalí and the Scapular.

The shoes used for this Pollera are lined in silk or satin matching the grating and streamer color, you should also put a gold buckle on the shoe adorned with Valencia lace.


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Hi Orisleyla, I received my order today and LOVE IT! Thank you for your patience with me and thank you for my...

Linda LaChapelle

Rupert 7 days ago Sharing a Story One more proud Panamenian how was in desparate need on a pollera for a...

Rupert Beckford

After years of trying to procure my very own pollera, something that is treasured by us Panamanian women and handed...