Panamanian Polleras

Pollera Congo

This Pollera is from the northern regions of the country like Colón and Bocas del Toro, its original style is very colorful and diverse.  There is no specific style since it is made with pieces of different fabrics ordered in a way that make it flow.



This Pollera headdress is typically made of real flowers but you can use artificial flowers that combine with the predominant color in the dress or with fabrics that match the colors as you see it inthe picture, the origins of these polleras tell us that they are used bare foot.


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Hi Orisleyla, I received my order today and LOVE IT! Thank you for your patience with me and thank you for my...

Linda LaChapelle

Rupert 7 days ago Sharing a Story One more proud Panamenian how was in desparate need on a pollera for a...

Rupert Beckford

After years of trying to procure my very own pollera, something that is treasured by us Panamanian women and handed...